Medical doctor

Experiences at internships in several hospitals in Greater Copenhagen brought about the first ideas in Medical Sandbox


At Medical Sandbox we are unable to sit by

once a problem has been identified


Medical Sandbox was founded in November 2015 as a means to solve the problem of the high incidence of acute kidney injury in Danish hospitals as this had been a particular challenge during the internship of our medical team member in a peripheral hospital of Denmark.


Our quest is to continuously work for the improvement of the care and outcome of patients in health care sectors anywhere, through innovation of existing practices and inclusion of all parties involved.

The Team

Software Developer

with an interest in all things digital with a passion for always being on top of the newest technologies.

Process & Innovation Engineer

from The Technical University of Denmark. Very passioned about innovation, processes and the implementation of new products

Advisory Board

Chief Physician

Nephrologist with area of expertise in Emergency Medicine, Senior Consultant at Nordsjællands Hospital


Global Entrepreneur

with area of expertise in startups and business development, Co-founder at Founderdocs


Experienced Executive

with extensive experience from general management,

operation and New Business start-up


Company visions

Medical Sandbox was founded on the basis of a problem identified in the public health sector, but with no apparent solution through the system of the public sector.

It is our belief that many such problems exist and that there is significant improvement to be found through innovation of the existing workflows of medical facilities and out-of-the-box thinking on problems that, in many cases, arise due to rigidity of systems and misunderstandings between hospital staff.

Medical Sandbox wishes to offer a platform for innovative solutions to the most pressing of these problems, improving the outcome of patients, through the acknowledgment of the importance and competencies of all of the hospital staff in each individual patient case.

It is our vision, through our projects, to build our advisory board, consisting of experts from each personnel group represented in hospitals, in order to approach future problems with the broadest knowledge.

Medical Sandbox

Aiming to reduce hospital bed days



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Gyrus Platform

Gyrus Platform is uniting the guidelines of all medical specialties.


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