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Together with the leading national experts, Medical Sandbox is setting the stage for raising the awareness and outcome of patients with acute kidney injury and other conditions across medical wards

Project background:

Elderly and comorbid patients with the need of expertise involving several medical specialists increasingly represent hospitalized patients. However, the treatment of these patients is very often limited to hospital units specialized in one field. Thus, young doctors without the necessary experience handle the treatment of conditions beyond their area of specialization including acute kidney injury. This may cause unexpected complications, longer hospitalizations and additional costs.


For a wide range of medical specialties, national treatment guidelines are currently available. Unfortunately, they are very often found as large PDF documents resulting in difficulties implementing them in everyday clinical practice.


Use case:

Several American studies have found, that the diagnosis acute kidney injury prolongs the time of hospitalization with approximately 3,5 days and British studies explain this from inadequate and delayed treatment. Furthermore, the incidence of acute kidney injury accounts for almost 20% of unselected hospitalizations regarding to international studies. After the first project with The Danish Society of Nephrology, the Medical Society have stated, that in the future they are interested in handling the guidelines themselves after the commissioning phase.



It is hoped, that the development of a national, digital platform uniting the guidelines of all medical specialties will lead to improved treatment across hospital departments.



An initial version of the guideline system regarding acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease has been developed in collaboration with the Danish Nephrological Society. The project has now been awarded with a grant from Innovations Fund Denmark in order to further develop the platform to contain all national guidelines for all medical specialities in Denmark.

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